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Mitch Hagy is the founder and owner of FOTOSPORTTM located in Southlake, TX. Having opened its doors in August of 2011, FOTOSPORTTM was originally a concept focused on innovating the dreaded "picture day" experience. By incorporating work-flows and management systems learned from the manufacturing industry, Mitch and his team can photograph over 250 high school football players, coaches, trainers and managers in less than an hour. FOTOSPORTTM uses no risers, stands used or photographs outside in the heat. Each image is individually photographed, tagged and stored digitally and later developed for print or digital use.


In the winter of 2012, FOTOSPORTTM published its first media guide for the Colleyville Heritage Basketball team. Back then, incorporating creative design and digital artistry into a team's media guide was uncommon. Most organizations opted for the traditional group shots and individual players on a white background. Alternatively, Mitch and his team designed media guides based on a coach’s theme or a team motto for that season. Needless to say, the media guides were a big hit with the players, parents and coaches and by fall of 2014, FOTOSPORTTM was working with over 15 schools and publishing up to 10 media guides each season.  Today FOTOSPORTTMworks with over 30 schools in DFW.


FOTOSPORTTM partners with local booster clubs to provide photography, publishing and advertising solutions. For the majority of booster clubs, their mission and a media guides purpose is to raise money for their team. As the cost of printing started to skyrocket, many teams were looking for alternatives to what was becoming a cost rather than a fund-raiser. Recognizing an opportunity with the growing popularity of social media, FOTOSPORTTM  developed a digital sports app for smart phone and tablet devices. After six months of development, FOTOSPORTTM launched its first interactive sports app for The Southlake Carroll Dragons in January 2015. Much like a printed media guide, the Dragon Sports App included interactive player bios, game day rosters, team images and more. As a free download to the community of Southlake, it was a huge success and today FOTOSPORTTM provides sports apps to multiple teams and ISD's.


What began as a sports photography company, FOTOSPORTTM is now a full turn-key solution for schools and booster clubs looking for professional team and individual photography, high-end graphically influenced media guides, innovative interactive sports apps and superior fundraising opportunities.


To learn more contact FOTOSPORTTM at 817-442-5554.



1353 Woodbrook Lane

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